Idea of the Winner – Microgaming Slots for Xbox

microgaming slot ideas for xbox by the winner

  • Looks like this thing is just about wrapped up. You chose the winner and we awarded the prizes. Now there’s just one very, very big loose end left to tie up: the Xbox Microgaming slot idea itself. Right about now, our finalists are hard at work, burning to get you the finalized game concept, which will be available for free on console in the nearest future.
  • Welcome to the party. Before our particiants shared their amazing Microgaming Slot ideas for Xbox with the world, they had have to share a little information with us. No big deal, just the standard stuff – signing up and submitting Microgaming brand–inspired gaming vision and left some comments in the game galleries.
  • We’re no longer calling the entries. Sorry, but nothing lasts that long. Over the past year or so, we’ve received thousands upon thousands of great ideas. And we’ve already chosen 2 finalists. Check later our final battle results.
  • Thousands (then hundreds) gave it their all. But in the end, only the ONE has a chance to change Microgaming slots and Xbox gaming forever. You met the finalists, watched their dreams become true.
  • Seriously. Have fun, guys. The winning idea will be released soon.

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