Microgaming Slot Games – Ideas for Xbox

We could not help sharing the idea for Microgaming XBOX slot games of one of our participants. But, before its description here are a few words about this person.

While programming computer software is finalist Keith Jenkinson’s day job, he has always dreamed about learning to develop Microgaming games. After he heard about the Unlock Xbox challenge, Keith knew that it had to be the break to bring all his brewing ideas to life. The one original game concept Mike submitted was inspired in part due to his passion for Microgaming slot games. He just wants gamers to play against the computer/console or another opponent.


To slip into some kind of meter. For example, when you play this meter goes up until you reach a specific point. Once you hit the top then some sort of reward appears. It can be a bonus round or even a cash back incentive or offering as well.

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