Xbox Slot Idea by Microgaming

microgaming slots ideas for xboxAs a giant in the gaming software development industry, Microgaming is always ahead of the competition in keeping up with the technology of the time. Thus, nobody should be surprised to hear that this leading casino software provider has introduced slots for Xbox+.

With this laudable innovation, online and mobile gambling enthusiasts will be able to play on machines with impressive features and quality graphics, animations and sounds for fun with friends and other gamers across the globe using their Xbox console.

They can also bet with real money and stand a chance of winning huge jackpot. Here are ideas and factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a slot to play with on your console. For those who want more detailed infomation and have an irresistible desire to plunge into the world of slots visit and take your time.

Reels Quantity

One of the major technical aspects of these games that you should take into consideration before you stake on one is the number of reels they have. As a rule of the thump, avoid slots with plenty of reels. Here are the major characteristics, pros and cons of each variant.


3 reel slots are a good option for gamblers that want simple and quick games. Though they don’t come with extra features as well as bonuses, both beginners and advanced gaming buffs can get on easily with them thanks to their simplicity. Additionally, they are easy to learn.

3 reel coin-machines normally come with few flashy mini-games and fanciful animation which will not fill up the screen to make it look so complicated for newbie. Consequently, if your interest is in the jackpot, they are good choices for you because of their straightforwardness. The absence of complex games, symbols and bonus features increases predictability even though it is an impossible task to guess accurately the winning combination of symbols (it is purely based on chance).

microgaming 5 reels slot idea for xboxAdditionally, they have attractive progressive jackpots with little minimum wagering amount that can be below $0.05 depending on the casino. Regardless of this, their winning paylines come with bigger prizes than those with higher number of reels.

This is because it does not rely on any feature for huger wins. Maximum bets for big gains are small in this kind of slot. So, a spin with the highest amount increases your chances of landing a large sum of money.

Five reel slot machines have got more bonus features, animations and symbols than three wheel slot. They come with more captivating features which make them more thrilling to play than fruit machines with three whirl. Their look is more modern. With more than one payline, bettors stand a chance of making more money. They are very popular today for their free given arcade-like mini spins, entertaining animations and exciting opening videos.

But they are not as simple as coin machines with three wheels when it comes to learning and ease-of-operation. It is also more difficult to win big as this depends on their feature rounds. The viewing experience obtained from these games is not as impressive as that offered by 3 reel slot games.


These games come with added awesome features with modern looks and enhanced aesthetic value which gives them an edge over 3 -5 reel machines. Player’s choices in terms of game characters are higher. They are more flexible as they have higher pay lines than slots with lower number of reels. Microgaming also introduces multi-reel slots in a variety of types with stunning themes, astounding sound/music and great animation.

The poor viewing experience of these machines really dwarfed their strong points. With many symbols scattered here and there on the screen, beginners in slot machine will easily become confused. Thus, these games are not the best options for a gambler that prefers a simple screen free from lots of images. If you prefer multi-reel slots, you can limit yourself to slots with 7 reels but you can still stake on 9 reel slot machines if you have a large Xbox console or TV with unbeatable resolution.

Graphic Performance

ideas for microgaming video slots for xboxAnother important point to consider is their graphic performance which determines their quality to a significant extent. Superior slots for Xbox come with HD and 3D graphics which are far better than the standard version. Here are the aspects that make them unique.

Common Video

Slots for Xbox with high definition graphics feature higher resolution than the standard definition. Basically, their images have 720 or more horizontal lines. Thus, the picture qualities they offer are superior and sharper than those of SD. Another edge which HD technology has over its predecessor is that it provides gamers with life-like sound and excellent animation. Players will play with ease as they navigate the interface of the gaming software.

3D Slot for Xbox

3D slots for Xbox are the latest in the gambling world. 3D is an acronym for three dimensional. With this technology, gamblers are able to see life-like symbols, images and fruits on the screen of their Xbox. It is based on a method known as stereoscopy which tries to replicate the workings of the human eyes and brain that respectively receive and processes images.

3D Slot machines for Xbox are excitingly fast to play. They have no match as far as sound and graphic features are concerned. It is an innovation that stifles the advantage gamers in the land-based casinos have over online slot fans. With this technology, playing slots on Xbox will be as thrilling as playing it in bricks and mortar action room.

Slot on 3D resolution are normally available in multiple languages. Thus, regardless of where you are from, you will be able to try your luck on them. Furthermore, in an online betting room, players are able to communicate with each other thanks to the chat features they come with. In this way, one can establish relationship online and form community of gamblers.

Thematic Microgaming Slots

Microgaming is today offering thematic slots for Xbox which removes the need for you to go to bar in search of fruit and fantasy themed machines. Check MG powered sites for such slots.


microgaming fruit slots ideas for xboxFruit-patterned slots are more common as they have been available at the budding stage of coin machines. But they are of different kinds with some being more popular than others. In general, they are not difficult to play as the games come with a couple of features and few paylines.

Fruit-themes are straightforward which improves your chances of winning big. However, there are 5 and more reel fruit machines in this style. Some also are available in HD and 3D resolutions. Some of the popular MG slots with fruit style are Age of Discovery, Big Kahuna, Big Break, and many more.


Microgaming has also varieties of fantasy patterned slot games which are designed to take gamblers to the worlds of super heroes, dragons, unicorns, wizards, vampires and dark lord. Their graphics and sounds are topnotch. With a plethora of bonus features and frightening jackpots, you are sure to have excellent wagering experience. Some of the fantasy themed slots for Xbox can be Jewel of the Dragon, Golden Shamrock and Dragon Kingdom, etc.


Steampunk styled slots were introduced five years ago. However, today they are growing in popularity because of the wonderful results and playing experience they give despite the fact that they are purely fiction. They lead players into the industrial world where gears, levers, wheels, heavy equipments and others are the only thing that matter most. The vibe of power and strength for which the industry is known for manifests in the sound effects of these games.

If you are privilege owner of Xbox and you are a casino fan, you should consider playing MG slots on your console to catch the fun and stand a chance of winning big jackpot. Their performance, qualities and visual effects are unmatched.

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